I wear glasses and I will wear that one pair of glasses until I outgrew the subscription. However, one company strives to change that.

With stores globally, JINS enters the North American market by opening its first flagship store in Union Square, San Francisco (April 2015).

“San Francisco is the leader in many new trends and we felt that San Francisco is the perfect place to begin.”

Hitoshi Tanaka, founder of JINS, opened the first JINS store in Fukuoka, Japan in 2001 with a vision of high quality and stylish eyewear for everyone at affordable prices.

JINS believes that eyewear is not only for practical use, but can also be extremely fashionable.

Glasses range from USD$60-USD$120, including lenses, frame, and a case (same for prescription lens), allowing customers to have the option to keep more than just one pair of glasses around and their wallets happy.

But the most added-value to JINS is the quick service. Kanna, the onsite robot, can produce more than 60 pairs of glasses per hour. Kanna is also the reason to why you can receive your new glasses from check-out within 30 minutes or less.

JINS also involves in corporate social responsibility such as support for the Wildlife Conservation Network and more.

So to everyone in the bay area who wears glasses, if you ever urgently need a new pair of glasses or would like to add some eyewear fashion, JINS is there for you. (It is like a candy store of eye glasses.)

Much thanks to JINS SF’s! Check out more about JINS at: http://www.jins.com/us/


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