Amber Liu’s “X” Tour @ The Warfield in SF

Congratulations to Amber’s successful concert at The Warfield in San Francisco on Saturday, January 18, 2020.

Amber performs both past singles such as the dance song “Shake that brass” to songs from her new EP of the same name as her tour, including songs such as “Curiosity”, “Numb”, Hands Behind My Back, and more to hundreds of fans.

In addition to her breathtaking performances of song and dance, Amber spent time to address issues such as mental health and opened up to her fans on her own journey towards dealing with panic & anxiety and encouraging those who are suffering the same to seek professional help.

She reminds her audience that they are not alone and for everyone in times of chaos and pressure to remember to just be themselves, whatever that may be.

She concludes her performance with a simple message: be kind to one another and grow with each other. ❤

Amber melts our hearts with her determination and honesty.  Also, she certainly caught all of our attention and support with her powerful stage presence and vocals!

Great job, Amber! ❤ Much love and thank you for everything!



P.S. Easter egg coming soon. Stay tuned!


I had the opportunity and honor to chat with Amber before the show to talk about her tour and her new songs in her new EP, “X” . She also opens up and shares her story with mental health.

Check out our fun and intimate conversation here:







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