(Exclusive Interview) South Korean Singer-Songwriter, Loosen Door, Balances Ideals With Reality Through Music

Seoul-based singer-songwriter, Loosen Door, attracts fans from all over the world with his smooth bass vocals and relatable songs dedicated to everyday events or stories.

Inspired by some of his favorite rock bands, including Nirvana, U2 with Bono, and Gods and Monsters with Jeff Buckley, one of the common themes in Loosen Door’s music is about reaching the ideals or goals while navigating reality. He recalls his first encounter to rock bands to his 3rd year of junior high school during the class’ annual retreat where he wandered into a room where one of the counselors was working. There was a huge monitor screen in the room playing the music video of “Smells like teen spirit” by American rock band, Nirvana. Loosen Door was immediately intrigued by the band’s sounds and styles, especially the edgy sounds of the delay guitar and the explosive vocals in their songs. “I like the strong vocals, but I also like how their songs often reflect society or societal issues. Often times, the message is positive and uplifting which is encouraging when going through some sort of struggle”, he comments.

Loosen Door eventually found his way to R&B and hip hop music. “R&B and hip hop music commonly talks about  ‘hustling’ or basically continuously working hard and doing anything to reach your goals. That’s really something that all of us are doing,” he says. “We are all trying to work towards what we think is ideal, but sometimes it’s difficult and discouraging.”

With a combination of R&B, pop, rock, and hip hop, he writes music to help encourage himself and express his thoughts, but hopes it will also help others relate when going through difficult times. This is especially true, for example, in one of his most popular songs, “Grind”. He says, “The song has lyrics that reminds me to keep walking and think of my friends and family. It’s a bittersweet song, but it helps me stay motivated to keep going.”

The name, Loosen Door (formally known as Loki), is also inspired by the same motivational sentiments of continuing to move forward in life. He explains, “It has a few meanings. A loose door is a door that’s not fully closed, so it means it’s open and to endless possibilities. It also means that there’s also a force that can cause the door to open. With an open door, it can lead someone from one world to another. Music is much like this for me. I hope to make music that can be just as impacting.” 

Recently, Loosen Door released a new single “Reach out” in April of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The song is a slower ballad with rather sad lyrics, but a positive outlook in the end. He says, “Many people have died and it’s a stressful time. It really puts into perspective of how we value the ones we love and what we care about in life, including friends and family and nature. I want to release something that reminds people that although things are bad now, we will all eventually heal. I also want to remind that it’s okay to be brave and reach out if you have your aspirations as life is short and we will all leave one day.”

Although Loosen Door is still an independent artist as of this article, he is open to signing onto a label, especially one with a strong A&R team. “Music is something I aspire to do even though it’s not easy”, shares Loosen Door. He will continue to make music to express himself and hopefully, help motivate others to continue in each of their own lives and aspirations.

Looking forward to Loosen Door’s growth and new music!

Special teaser: Loosen Door will release a new single on July 14, 2020! Stay tuned! Update: “Ocean” released! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQXe6wjZJ5c

Note: Interview was conducted in Korean and translated to best ability.

Fun fact #1: Loosen Door’s favorite vocalists includes Lee So Ra, Kim Yoon Ah, and Park Hyo Shin.

Fun fact #2: “Sylvia” is inspired by and the name of the heroine in the American movie, “The Truman Show”.

Fun Fact #3: “Error” is a personal song recommendation from Loosen Door! Take a listen above.

Best wishes!



One thought on “(Exclusive Interview) South Korean Singer-Songwriter, Loosen Door, Balances Ideals With Reality Through Music

  1. A great talent that I just discovered. His music and voice are so soothing. Wish him all the best and hoping to listen to more of his songs. Love.


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